How to Build a KATRIS Cat Tree | KATRIS System

How to Build a KATRIS Cat Tree | KATRIS System Easy steps to build the perfect cat tree out of KATRIS blocks!

KATRIS is… a cat climbing tree, a bookshelf, a scratching post, an organizing shelf, a coffee table, a shoe rack – or just about anything you can imagine. It’s a multi-functional (cat product/ furniture) lifestyle piece that is versatile, durable, 100% recyclable, and fun!


Vesper Cat Tree Setup & Review

Vesper Cat Tree Setup & Review

How to setup the Vesper Cat Furniture High Base from Catit.

Vesper Cat Furniture

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Natural Paradise XL Ceiling Cat Tree |

Natural Paradise XL Ceiling Cat Tree |

Natural Paradise XL Ceiling Cat Tree
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A space-saving, ceiling-high cat tree with real wood platforms and thick sisal posts.

The Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree XL is a slim-line, space-saving ceiling cat tree that provides your cat with endless scratching and sleeping possibilities! The included wall bracket ensures that this cat tree is secure and can withstand the most energetic cat.

The Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree – XL at a glance:
• Space-saving, ceiling-high cat tree with endless scratching and sleeping possibilities
• Wall bracket included: helps to secure the cat tree and keep it stable
• Large plywood platforms: sourced from sustainably managed forests
• Sleeping areas: vary the position of the hammock, cuddle beds and den to your cat’s preferred height
• Soft coverings: fully removable and washable at up to 30°C, these soft coverings are a great place for your cat to cosy up
• Sleeping areas and cushions: soft polyester padding guarantees comfort for your cat
• Natural colours, easy to care for
• Made in Georgia


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Gopetclub Cat Tree Condo

Gopetclub Cat Tree Condo – Looking for a great home for your cat ? Gopetclub Cat Tree are one of the very best when it comes to design and luxury. Give your cat a sense of comfort by getting one of these cat condos for them to relax, rest, play and even scratch on !

In addition to its comfortable carpet layout, Gopetclub trees may contain other desirable items to encourage scratching of the tree such as sisal rope, and cat toys.

Gopetclub Cat trees are typically have several platforms at differing angles that aid in exercise for the cat as well as a means for the cat to reach the top. The term ‘condo’ is based on more extensive cat trees that contain enclosed areas for the cat to hide in.

Human Cat Tree – The Human Cat Toy Experiment

Human Cat Tree – The Human Cat Toy Experiment

Human + Cat Tree = HUMAN CAT TREE
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The Human Cat Toy Initiative is an elite group of cat lovers who go on secret missions to break the code of the cats on the Internet. Do they succeed? Are they both human and cat toys at the same time?

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Kitten Academy Live Stream

Kitten Academy Live Stream

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Cat Tree | Yaheetech

Cat Tree | Yaheetech

Hey guys,

This cat tree house is so easy to build~~Please follow me 🙂

* Brand new and high quality 73″ cat tree suitable for cats and kittens
* Multi level Scratching tree/post with cave/sleeping area
* Provide your cat a better place to scratch, exercise, and have fun
* Help your pet stay away from your furniture, drapes and wardrobe
* Three plateaus ideal places for cozy lying

More information, please click here:

Hope you enjoy it and huge hug!